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Welcome to the 2019 El Salvador Mission Trip site!

On February 15-22, 2019, we will be taking our 4th annual El Salvador Mission Trip. We will be going to Los Naranjos. We are so excited to join other YL areas in building relationships with the people of this town and the neighboring communities of Puerto Nuevo and La Pita. We will be doing work projects, running medical clinics, pursuing clean water and running Young Life clubs in these towns.  
We will be joining up with Syracuse East, Rochester East, and Buffalo North, Buffalo South Young Life. We have had 6-8 kids/leaders from our area going in the last two years and are looking forward to growing the number of folks from the Northeast Region. This year we are seeing interest from Young Life teams in Gorham, ME and the North Shore with a potential trip size of 15-20 folks! Altogether, we will take between 150-200 students and adult leaders on what has been a long-standing, annual trip to these areas for over 13 years. The other groups have been at this a lot longer and have contributed significantly to the health and self-sufficiency of the neighboring communities (Ranco Grande, Taura, Monte Christo and Los Naranjos). We have been forging ahead to expand the trip's impact into the Puerto Nuevo and La Pita communities over the last 3 years. I feel blessed and excited that we are able to partner with these areas and provide kids with what will be a life changing experience. 
On this trip, we will continue to have projects and health services to offer the people who live in Los Naranjos, Puerto Nuevo and La Pita, rural towns in El Salvador. Over the past few years, this trip has provided new wells and personal filtration systems for clean drinking water, bikes and trucks for transportation, medical and school supplies, community center construction projects, as well as a new Young Life ministry for kids in El SalvadorWe are looking forward to providing some of these things for our specific communities again this year. The scope of this trip goes well beyond what we have to offer the people of Los Naranjos. Our kids and leaders will experience first hand what living in a third-world community is like. I can honestly say that what we give is very small when compared to what we are given. We are given a new perspective on health, money, poverty, friendship, family, faith, thankfulness, and in reality a new perspective on life.

If you would like to partner with us in anyway, please email me, Steve Abbey, at
VIDEO LINKS: We encourage you to watch a video about missions in El Salvador Here....
And highlights of our 2018 trip HERE
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Very Helpful Downloads:
You can download a copy of the application form here:
El Salvador Application.docx

You can also download the fundraising letter here:

El Salvador Fundraising Letter.docx

Health information

When traveling to any location outside of the US, there are steps that you must take in order to stay healthy. The link below is for the official website that shows which immunizations you should have when traveling to El Salvador.
Most of these are routine vaccines and you may already have them, but it is also important to have a flu shot because we don't want to bring the flu into El Salvador either.
We also have access to a 'travel' doctor who can answer any health related questions, so if you have any concerns please contact us and we can put you in touch with him or ask on your behalf.

Dr. Scott F. Paparello, D.O.
Acton Medical
321 Main Street
Acton, Massachusetts 01720
(978) 635-8915

passport information

Having a valid passport will be a requirement for traveling to El Salvador. There is a link below that should have all the information to get started on this process if you do not have a passport yet or you have an expired passport:

Please keep in mind that getting a passport can take some time, so once you have been approved to go on the trip, please start that process as soon as possible.

Dates & Details

Here are some dates to keep in mind now that we are quickly approaching our meetings for planning this trip. Our initial meeting will be on October 14th for the Chelmsford/Westford area and on November 7th for the North Shore team. We will add any other dates and times if necessary...

Sunday, October 14th [5:30pm] -
Parents Info & Awareness Meeting - (Location: Paneras, Westford)
Sunday, November 4th [5:30pm] - Planning Meeting - (Location:
Paneras, Westford)  APPLICATIONS & $300 DEPOSIT DUE!!
Sunday, November 7th [7:00pm] - Info Meeting - (Location: Grace Community Church, 17 Pleasant Street, Marblehead, MA)
Sunday, December 2nd [4pm] - Planning Meeting - (Location: Paneras, Westford)
Sunday, January 13th [4pm] - Planning Meeting - (Location:
Paneras, Westford)
Sunday, February 10th [2pm] - PACKING DAY - (TBD)

** Note that the Packing Day cannot be missed for any reason due to its importance **

Friday, February 15th - DEPARTURE
Friday, February 22nd - ARRIVAL BACK IN U.S.

The total cost for the trip is $1,700. Once the application has been completed there is a $300 deposit due so the flights can be secured.

We hope to cover the cost of the trip to El Salvador through fundraising efforts. This includes:

- Letter-writing for support
- Selling fund-raiser items
- Group jobs such as yard clean-ups


We will put together a phone list for the parents closer to the travel date, so there are ways to keep in touch and get updates. Remember, the e-mail addresses that you can enter into the application will help for staying up to date with information and reminders.

You may also contact me directly should you have a question that you can't find an answer to on this website.

Steve Abbey​

meeting #1 from 2019 Planning trip​

We are starting the meeting schedule a little late this year - so here is the presentation we used last year to answer the initial questions you may have...the pricing and the meeting dates are old news, but the rest of the content should be helpful...
El Salvador Presentation.pptx

Bulk of the time in our first meeting last year was spent on:
  • safety in the region we are going to
  • why we want to go to El Salvador
  • work in Los Naranjos (50 miles west of San Salvador)
  • partnering with Nathan's group because they have done this trip many times and will be bringing doctors with them
  • cost of trip
  • fundraising the money for the trip
  • time difference in El Salvador (2 hours)
  • answering questions

Follow up information from meeting:

  • You can download a few pictures of the school we will be staying at here: school.zipschool.zip

Please send us an e-mail using the links in the "Contact" section if you need anything else or you would like to go through the presentation if you were unable to make it.




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